Clan Members

There are currently 12 members of the clan

blazer436---leader (98) (Computer isn't working)

mage 825645---leader (For Now) (85)

lilhobbit7---general (90) (runner up deputy)

kelsokkid10---general (97)

freeloot87---captain (88)

noya4life---captain (83)

mommonmunat1---llieutenant (70)

fao fang45---lieuteant (70)

dharok08731---sergant (68)

jonny h66---lietunant (70)

charleswayne---sergant (67)

vines 0---sergant (65)

You have to be a level 65+ do be in my clan, I don't even care if your a level 64, only 65+. Mage 825645 is the deputy, and lilhobbit7 is the runner up deputy. A deputy is the person that takes over the clan when either I'm not here, I quit the clan, or if my computer doesn't work which doesn't right now. I'm on my mom's labtop at the school she works at, but the school ends at 2:30 and it blocks runescape at the school too. I broke my collar bone and can't go back to school for the rest of the year, so that's why I'm on a labtop right now, I'll be back on runescape when my computer gets fixed, until then mage 825645 will be leader, and if he isn't here then lilhobbit7 will be leader.