Well this is mostly a website for my clan.Anyone can check out this website if you would like.They will have more updates coming on this website soon.(You can also check out more stuff at the top of the page for more.)I am a non-member,so untill I become a member then members can join.(But if you want,you can come on non-member trips with us if you are a member. Keep visiting this website for more updates. (Which will be coming soon.) People are saying that I'm copying another website, so now I'm taking down the game freerider2 from this website :( and I'm putting some other games that I like from the websites that I posted, I really think it's better than freerider2 anyway. I think RuneScape is a cool game


Clan meetings will be held on the top floor of the west wing white knight castle.(Hint:There will be two white knights,one with a green top and one with a blue top.)I'm sure you all know where it is now so I'm going to take this picture off, realy just I accidentally erased it and it won't come back on, so now at the top picture you will see the login screen. My computer stopped working so until I get a new one mage825645 will be the leader for now, since he is the deputy. If mage825645 isn't there to run the clan, then lilhobbit7 will that day. I have listed two more updates on this website, and they are (contact me)&(votes) I hope you like them. = )






This picture below is when I made my first 1000k.